Combined Resource Group is a local family owned technical service company that specializes in satellite technology. We are not the biggest, just focused on providing superior customer service.

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Our history

Combined Resource Group started out it's humble beginnings as a local PC consultant to small businesses here in Albuquerque. Before the Internet had developed to what we know today, we were utilizing bulletin boards and 2400 kbps modems (yes that is a little "k") for vendor communications and EDI.

We all started out with dial up. Originally many of our clients only needed an Internet connection so that we could download software updates, or a new printer driver, in which case a 56K modem was fine. But that was changing fast.

The next evolution for CRG came with the "one-way" Satellite Internet systems. We were one of the first companies in New Mexico to become certified in this exciting new technology. As the technology evolved to "Two-way" systems (no more phone line needed), CRG again was among the first to be certified to install these new VSAT systems for our clients. At one time CRG was installing more two-way systems than all other New Mexico dealers combined.

Today, we can offer our clients more options than ever. In addition to Satellite, we can provide wired DSL to T1 service nationwide, and in our local area we also offer fixed Wireless service for locations where cable or DSL is not available.  Our PC and network consulting has expanded to Managed Nework Services for remote/automated network administration. We have on-site and cloud data backup solutions.  We can even assist our clients with credit card processing solutions via our relationship.  Our passion began with and continues to be helping other small business owners with technical challenges.