Mobile Satellite Internet

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Combined Resource Group is a satellite Internet communications solutions provider specializing in VSAT satellite offerings for commercial, education, and government applications. We offer satellite VSAT-based self contained communications trailers, Satellite Internet access, private networks, VOIP, and mobile communications solutions.

Give us a call to discuss which satellite internet solution would best fit your needs.

Wildblue - Exede - iDirect - ViaSat - HughesNet

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Wireless Broadband Internet

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In our local Albuquerque market Combined Resource Group offers fixed position wireless Internet service.  Our wireless service is optimized for business, no filtering, no port blocking or restrictions, just commercial grade broadband Internet service for your office.  We can provide a simple connection for a single PC, or up to T1 speeds for higher demanding office applications.  Service area includes the Albuquerque metro area, East Mountains, and Grants. 

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Other specialized solutions:

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Do you need to share your Internet connection within your office building, or between buildings?  What about offering protected wi-fi Internet service to clients or guests at your facility?  Combined Resource Group has solutions for your wi-fi or hotspot needs.  

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Combined Resource Group has put together several affordable solutions to satisfy the growing demand for video installations.  Video conferencing, viewing remote office or job site locations, or security surveillance, we have solutions to fit your needs.

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